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​Top 5 Video game art books in my collection

Even though I like all my video game art books, there is always a preference list. To do it a bit objectively I looked at the following in my eyes fundamental aspects: If it contains a lot of art (concept and illustrations, artist comments, hard cover, 200+ pages, low amount of in game/cgi pictures, development content, quality and misc info. Imo the best art books cover multiple games, but I didn’t exclude specialize one game only art books.

Nr 5: The art of bravely default and Bravely second: Both have all the nice fundamentals of an art book and are on par with their quality. They cover a lot about their specific game and gives the fans a large proportion what to expect.

Nr 4:Zelda Hyrule Historia: This one covers a lot of Zelda games. Has a lot of content on the lore. It should have a bit more art for my taste, but that’s mainly because it focusses a lot on Skywards sword instead of the rest. There is a cool manga compilation at the end though.

Nr 3: Final Fantasy Ultimania Volume 2: Well the golden age of RPG’s was SNES and PlayStation era, this volume focusses on the latter. Indeed, Final fantasy 7, 8 and 9 are shown. The style of these books, showing a lot on fan favorite content for each game nails it.

Nr 2. The Art of Mana: A book defiantly worth the time for the dedicated fans. Its just 208 pages, but because its high quality it doesn’t feel like it. It was a pleasant surprise to go through this book, it just has a good charm. I wished there was just more of it.

Nr 1: Metal gear solid slipcase: Two books 1 price, cheaper then all the above and are both 350+ pages… Nothing can beat this, its so packed with MGS1-4 art, it just shows the definition of an Art book. Period.

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