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​Shadows on the Azure - Scene 1: Tension - Free Visual Audio Novel

Join two siblings from royal roots who adventure into an ancient land which was once ruled by an civilization that worshiped powerful gods which were once called leviathans.

Shadows of the Azure is a free visual audio E-book which can be watched in multiple parts on YouTube. The book main spirit is an big adventure, however there are some troubling issues which needs to be solved between the two siblings - named Dhaos and Nephenee. The book will definitely be welcomed by people who like fantasy, dragon and are fan of games such as Shadow of the colossus and Drakengard.

The front cover captures the title, a shadow in the sky, however there are more of them...

The frequency of uploading is not known yet, but I try to post new videos at least once in two months. The main time consuming moment is the editing (of the story, voice acting and video text + animation). However the project is immensely fun and I love to have full control over it.... even though talking for Dhaos feels natural, but for Nephenee totally isn't....

Check out the first part and leave a comment or a like if you enjoyed!