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Best way to focus on writing on your art with NC headphone and a 2 in 1 tablet

Using Noise cancelling headphones to focus on art and writing after 4 months - SONY WH1000X M3

I live in a noisy apartment complex, a lot of people moving in and out, using tools to ‘’re-invent’’ their living rooms. Their friendliness of being busy during the evening and weekends put me to action to look into Noise Cancelling headphones, so I decided to check which one is the best. Well there are a lot out there, however some seemed to be crème a la creme – so I checked some reviews because I was getting crazy of the drilling and hammering of whatever apartment that surrounds me.

I focused on 3 things: best noise cancellation, best comfort and best battery life – I wanted a headphone which I can use for a long session without being disturbed. So it came down to the SONY WH1000X M3. And the moment I got it was also one of many moments there was a lot of noise, so perfect opportunity to test it… wow this thing worked. It reduced the sound 50-60%, however it is important to put some music on as then you really don’t notice your surroundings any more. The battery life is 25-30 hours, and I it sits godlike (which was one of my main concerns) even when I put glasses on! Btw it gave me a new level of appreciation for music (but enough headphones do this I think, I am not a headphone user prior to this). At one moment I was like ‘’did they stop?’’ put off my headphones and that was clearly not the case haha~

Do yourself a favour if you can relate to this and don’t want to hear unnecessary sound and be disturbed by external factors when you want to focus on writing, unless you are surrounded by mother nature herself ;P. (its also good way to focus in library’s or during travels etc)

BTW for those interested: I have a 3-minute review video on this on YT where I give a sound sample comparison for the noise cancellation to give an idea.

Which tablet do you use? I used a surface pro 6 for a year and this is what I think of it.

I always used a Wacom, one where you look at the screen and drew on a separate drawing tablet. Well I now a year ago I decided to buy a tabled where I can just draw on the screen and see immediate results. However I wanted something with low drawing lag, generally fast and something where I can type on. SO the ipad pro and surface pro came to mind. The main thing what sold me was the fact that the surface had more generally utility, its more laptop/tablet hybrid then a pure tablet like the pro (which was a great recommendation for artist). Anyways this things utility is a beast one of the best buys I ever did. Drawing pen is nice, and magnetically sticks to the surface, it draws w/o noticible lag, the pern point is soft and doesn’t scratch the screen (even after 1 year), the battery life is fine 8-10hrs. This thing helped me a lot to develop my art and digital skills (which were really bad on the Wacom), There are plenty of apps out there to use for drawing (photshop, autodesk, krita etc but I use sketchable(a simple drawing tool)). I brought it on me on vacation, during the plane to Japan(ok not recommended to draw there, unless your on the airport) and use it 1-2 full charges per week at home. The screen can be put in a lot of angles and its not heavy so I love to put it on my lap with a pillow in between. You can use double scree by dragging something to side as well.

BTW for those interested: I have a quick review on this of 4-5? Min to give an idea.