Visual Novel Animations

Cross over video game opening animations

What if you put the intro music of Breath of fire 4 combined with Shadow of the colossus? This went through my mind watching BoF 4 intro. So I started my animation project and had a blast with it. However the japanese voice scenes were the toughest to create... why? Well They say something like: ''I believe in you'' (Nina says to Ryu) and ''I wonder where you are going'' (Ryu says to a dragon) and ''Humans aren't bad'' (Ryu says to Fou-Lou). So it was a hard fix to insert in the SotC universe but i reveres the roles of Ryu with - indeed - Wander, Nina with Mono and Fou-Lou with Emon (the shaman). I think it ultimately fit to certain degree on a decent level.

I am planning to make more crossovers in the future, already made an Final Fantasy 7 x Dragonball Z video where Cloud goes beyond his limits to go Super saiyan 3. I still have plan to take it to the next level but I will do this later, firs I will do something interesting with Final Fantasy Dissidia.