Visual Novel Animations

Donkey Kong Country 2 animation rotoscope

Join Diddy and Dixie Kong's conquest in an attempt make their way through Bramble Scramble as fast as possible in this Donkey Kong country 2 rotoscope animation.

Most gamers can agree Donkey Kong Country 2 is the best in the series. Nonetheless, I grew up with DKC1 and 3 on the SNES as DKC2 was always out of stock when we tried to rent it at VideoLand. Even though I played it on the gameboy (borrowed from a friend), I managed to get my hands on the SNES cartridge and beaten it many times since. Occasionally I check speed runs on this game and stumbled on the warpless run of とんこつ who displays his excellent skillset which imo is worth rotoscoping.

Why Bramble Scramble? That's the first level in the game that sets the tone: This game gets harder from here so get gut. Enjoy.