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Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid video game art book reviews

Best Video game art books: Art of Metal Gear solid collection, two book showing concept art and full blown illustrations of MGS.

General: There are two books in this collection, Studio works and Gallery Works. Both contain awesome illustrations of Yoji Shinkawa, known for drawing dark shadows with his black ink pen, to create whole characters. Both Books are extreme high quality, hardcover and thick paper. Next to that, both books are quite heavy (Publisher Dark Horse) Amazon affiliate links to other peoples reviews and to learn more.

Studio Works: Mainly the concept art, thus black and white illustrations. The content is divided over metal gear solid 1 till four. Where MGS 1 has 72 pages, MGS 2 has 80 pages, MGS 3 has 62, MGS 4 has 112 pages and as bonus MGS peace walker 53 pages.

Gallery Works: Shows the Color illustrations, and non concept art. The content is divided over metal gear solid 1 till four. Where MGS 1 has 88 pages, MGS 2 has 76 pages, MGS 3 has 84, MGS 4 has 76 pages and as bonus MGS peace walker 95 pages.

So For who is this book -> let's assume at least you like MGS...

General book lover: This book is really awesome, honestly you can't go wrong. The art is outstanding and there is A LOT IN IT, But please note.. if you don't like Yoji shinkawa's art in particular this book is not for you as he is the MGS artist... period.

Hardcore MGS FAN: Well.... For the normal fan maybe No, for the hardcore fan yes.

For the artist (writer/drawing): Its hard to say. I get inspiration of the art, even though the theme is not necessarily my thing. If the theme (military/espionage) is your thing, then its a no brainier.

I played the first game as a kid, so yeah.. I like the franchise, please take that in to you consideration when buying. If you checked Joyi Shinkawa's art though - and you like it - this one is just full of it.

Ultimania archive series, a delight for the Final fantasy (RPG) lover.

General: All books are High quality, contain extra information on the game (so not only pure art) and contain a lot of extra details on the development/character relations/developers info.

Book 1: This one has 6 main titles covered with each their own sections. To elaborate the book is 336 pages, where final fantasy 1 has roughly 30 pages, FF2 50, FF3 45, FF4 60, FF5 55 and FF6 the most with almost 75 pages. Check out other peoples opinion to learn more.

Book 2: the book has 320 pages, where its split up between the final fantasy's, 7 is up till page 119, FF8 has the lower end of the three, till page till 189... typical square move, anyways 9 has the most till 315. Check out other peoples opinion to learn more.

Book 3: This one has 5 main title covered with each their own coverage ratio, to elaborate the book is 336 pages, where final fantasy 10 has roughly 100 pages, FF11 50, FF12 75, FF13 80 and FF14 a mere 20, which has the short end of the stick. Check out other peoples opinion to learn more.

Should it be in your Collection? Well it depends... (assuming you like Final Fantasy)

The general Artbook Lover: Mostly Yes, There are a lot of FInal fantasy's, and thus a lot off different styles, the collection itself is great to have.

The Hardcore FF Fan: Yes, the book offer cool insights in character relationships, memorable moments and cool little neat design choices - Next to the awesome art! But remember most info can be found on the internet these days.

The artist (draw/write): If you get inspired by this franchise and artbooks, Yes you should. Because the classical job system is represented as well, as Yoshitaka Amano's art! If you Don't get inspired..... then no :)

I am curious what you think of the book? I really enjoy them - But I grew up with FF7 when I was a kid so quite easy to please with this series :).

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