Visual Novel Animations

How, when and why did I start this book?

Originally the book Origyn should have been a video game, called the heroes of prophecy programmed with RPG maker in 2017. I wrote the outline of the story, created character concepts, was busy with sprites, mechanics and made a world map. I had so much fun with this project, I even was planning to make my own music (while I don’t have specific skills in this). However, the whole concept was quite overwhelming. Because of this, my brother suggested to put it down as there were many things I should consider, such as boss mechanics, damage ratio’s, event scripts, beta testers (for glitches and bugs), publishing, etc.

Development pictures: an origyn test team / when they changed in to their enhanced form

I agree with the final fantasy developer Hironobu Sakaguchi: ''I don't think I have what it takes to make a good action game. I think I'm better at telling a story.''

So, I dropped the idea… In 2018 I thought, why not give a try at writing a book… I mean.. the rough story outline was already known. So I began, writing a detailed chapter and act description, important plot points, character flaws as well as development. Interestingly the book has changed quite a bit - for the better -. Initially, I wanted to have 1 protagonist, now I have two. The second one was officially a side character invented to act as a catalyst but grew on me while writing, as the person gives a different perspective. If you plan to read the draft (which I will upload soon), the one you think I am talking about won’t be obvious.