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How to approach Pixel art as a beginner

So pixel art is actually one of those interesting type of art that looks simple but is actually a lot harder to do if you actually try it out. If you think about your old Pokemon game and see everything for the first time.. you may think ''This looks simple'' and get on with the adventure. But do notice even though 2D you immediately recognize all the assets in the room and find it believable even though its weird if your room looks like this.

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Why is it believable? Look at the details; the little pixels on the keyboard of the pc in the upper corner, it contains buttons and even a space bar. The SNES contains a cartridge and a controller with buttons. In addition all screens have an oversaturated highlight pixel and everything has a form of shadow giving it depth. Can you make this? Yeah... only if you have experience with pixel art - which is the art to simplify large objects into tiny pixelated ones.

I sound like as if I at least know a bit of it - well just a pixelated amount - because I tried my hand on it as well for the first time ever from scratch. To motivate myself I take the pixelated art which I have most respect for, Seiken Densetsu 3 (trials of mana) and Chrono Trigger sprites of course!