Visual Novel Animations

Meet Jeff

Jeff Vughs

You like fantasy as much as I do? Video games as well? Great! Because I love to draw and write about fantasy, inspired by video game classics! Imagine the epic world scale of Game of Thrones, the massive battles from Lord of the Rings, the classical job system from Final Fantasy, the fast action sequences from Zelda with a slight touch from Dragonball Z and the brilliance of Chrono Trig... ok I would get in serious trouble if I ripped this... Anyways my main message is, similar as you, I am a fan of fantasy inspired video games, series and films that loves to write and draw for fans!

I will make sure that my books are fun to read, during all seasons with the low price tag similar to 2 cups of coffee at your local coffee shop, which you can take anywhere you want, as they are visual novel styled E-books!

Definitely check out my free samples from future E-books, you will know for sure if the style clicks. Anyways check out my social media pages for traditional and video captured ar. But more importantly, stay awesome!