Visual Novel Animations

Origyn Book Animation trailer

The first trailer of my - in editing phase - book is finally done!

Interestingly, the animation does show some of events that take place but is never too spoiler heavy as the context is still unknown. But if read one could definitely relate. However the opening scene - a fight between the main character and the antagonist - will not end up in the final product. I did leave it in though because it was a very cool action scene, but it didnt add much to the story and thus actually felt like filler.... and I do not like ''filler''. That's indeed one thing that I can say for sure, my books will not contain sidetracks which do not bring the story forward or have character development aspects in it.

My main inspiration for the animation parts were from the Fate series, as well as Record of Lodoss war and Ys. In this case I wanted to create a film/video game like trailer to give a good sense of what its going for, aligned with release of the far west ocean from the YS series. Ultimately I plan to do a second trailer which will explain a bit more who the character are and what the story is roughly about.

Anyways for the time being you can already check the first trailer: