Visual Novel Animations

Origyn: Dicing With Demons Act 1 - 3

Prologue: Beginning
Act 1: Heroes of prophecy.

She glanced everyone in the eyes before they entered: *Ok, forget that stupid nick name. This time I will keep them alive*. Subsequently she spoke with a deep voice: ‘’Guys, be prepared for the worst. No holding back on this one. When summoned it will go beserk’’. Everyone nodded and they went through two large doors into the darkness. Subsequently the team was welcomed by a slow pulsating light that emitted from a big transparent monolith twice their size. Alexus, an elite female knight with blonde hair, carrying a sword and shield: ‘’Is it me or did the temperature drop suddenly?’’. Carotte, a high ranked female summoner from the kingdom of Ohn, carrying a staff engrafted with magic emeralds: ‘’I sense a strong anomalistic power from it. That’s what giving me the goose bumps’’. Suddenly multiple torches were ignited and both heavy doors were shut automatically behind them, as if the room knew visitors had entered. Bendry, a talented male healer with red hair and good physique, carrying a hammer: ‘’Ok, you guys have done this before but… this is freaking me out’’. Dradon, one of the most respected male mages of Ohn, with long black hair carrying a wizard staff: ‘’Bendry, stay professional. Remember the power of an origyn always decreases immensely when summoned, so don’t worry about it’’. Alexus: ‘’Cast entanglement magic before it moves’’. Dradon smiled: ‘’Yes you don’t have to tell me that’’. Carotte tried to calm herself by pushing out a big sigh: ‘’Ok… are we ready?’’. Everyone nodded simultaneously. She closed her eyes and with her left hand held her rod horizontal in front while mumbling with two stretched fingers near her mouth: ‘’Azyin’ri origyni commeth forth and submit they to my soul, as of now thou areth my servant and willeth aid me in battle whenever I demanded thou’’. After five seconds of ghostly silence, the monolith went totally dark. Bendry: ‘’Ehm, is this normal?’’. The light pulsated again, in rhythm with a low heavy sound similar to a beating heart. Bendry: ‘’Ok, now this is freaking me out’’. Alexus: ‘’Stay focused, don’t let this abnormality work on your fear. Remember, the king specifically demanded this specimen so it must have something extraordinary’’. The pulse became more rapid, as if a heart was stimulated by anxiety. The pressing unknown atmosphere prepared the heroes for the possible threat that could jump out from the light. However, its intensity increased and the monolith busted into pieces. Heavy shattering noise echoed through the camber. Alexus stood in front of the team: ‘’It’s out of its cage. Carotte get a grasp on its elemental weakness’’. Carotte immediately casted the spell. Subsequently magic circles formed on the floor below her.

In the meantime, something in the shape of a lifeless body fell on the floor. It had the form of a male human with yellow eyes, black hair and clothing. He slowly stood up, as if a soulless human was brought back to life. The origyn named Azyin pierced straight into the eyes of the one who he should obey to. However, the urge for freedom surged through his body, as if he knew that the only way out of slavery was to kill those who have summoned him.

Carotte her spell was finished: ‘’Be careful! He is powerfull and has darkn-, EH?’’. Azyin moved with high acceleration towards her trying to grab her head: ‘’Break-‘’. Right before contact Alexus body slammed him away from Carotte. He jumped up and mumbled: ‘’Gungnir’’. Subsequently a white light emitted in his right hand and materialized in the form of a long spear. Azyin raised his left hand and an immense dark aura surrounded him, eager to strike again. Alexus: ‘’DRADON!’’. Dradon responded by casting his spell: ‘’So- sorry!! I… Entangleja!’’. Large roots burs out of the floor grabbing Azyin. Alexus rushed forward: ‘’Everyone! attack him NOW!’’. Carotte reacted by casting a protective spell on her while the other two used fire magic. However the second before Alexus could hit him, he broke out of the roots while parrying the attack. She tried to slash his left leg. He repelled with the point of his spear, leaving her half open. In that instance Azyin slightly stepped back and used the rear end of his pole arm to break her shoulder. Luckily Alexus barely managed to block some of the force by skilfully using her shield. Both fire spells ignited. Small spheres soared towards Azyin, while a pillar erupted under his feet. Despite their efforts, Azyin acrobatically dodged and backflipped away. However he was left with a burned spot on his arm. Alexus: ‘’Good! Keep this up, lets push him in the corner!’’.The group skilfully corned Azyin, by using multiple fire walls. If he wanted to escape he had to go through Alexus first. Azyin had a slight smile: ‘’Interesting, you humans entrap us like cattle. Is there no sense of honour left in you? Ah yes, maybe the queen of odds, dare to duel?’’. Alexus didn’t move an inch: ‘’Think again. Dradon entrap him, Carotte use submission, Ben-‘’. Azyin accelerated, jumping high in the air with his spear pointing at her. She readied for impact by aiming her sword and shield towards him. Nevertheless, Azyin feigned a body slam and repelled her sword while using the shield as a stepping stone, landing near Bendry. Alexus turned around and saw him firmly pushing his hand palm in Bendry’s face. Azyin smiled slightly and said: ‘’Breakja’’. Alexus stumbled while she tried to sprint: ‘’Bendry!’’. All of Bendry muscles relaxed immediately while his pupils disappeared upwards, leaving him with a soulless expression on his face. Azyin threw Bendry his lifeless body to the side and made a full throttled sprint towards Carotte. She tried to react but he pierced her chest with and immediately turned his face towards Dradon. While Carotte was crippling in pain Alexus jumped at Azyin. He quickly intercepted her with a series of punches and finishing off with a round house kick. Lying on her back she looked at him and noticed the similar crazy expression of the demons she faced in the past, only now killing her friends instead of comrades. Even though quite in shock, Dradon still focused on his entanglement spell. Nonetheless, Azyin rushed towards him with full force. Despite, Alexus intervened again with another body slam, dislocating his left arm and smacking him in the ground. Subsequently the entanglement grabbed him. Alexus: ‘’Dirty son of a bitch, what did you do to Bendry!?’’. Azyin: ‘’Hehe… release me and I will tell you’’. Alexus firmly grabbed her sword: ‘’As if!’’. Blood spattered on her armor while she pierced through his intestines. He coughed up blood: ‘’Heh.. are we now served as well?’’. Carotte, managed to rest on one leg while using her staff as balancing support: ‘’It’s over Azyin, you are now the slave of humanity’’. She held her fist with an emerald ring in front: ‘’SUBMISJA!’’. Light started to radiate from the ring in sync with Azyin. He slowly disintegrated into thin air as he lacked the strength to resist the spell. He smiled: ‘’If I get the chance…’’. Alexus responded right before he was gone: ‘’If’’.

While Carotte was coughing heavily: ‘’It’s over... how is Bendry?’’. Dradon felt his pulse: ‘’He’s dead, I think he crushed his mind’’. Alexus tensed her fist till it hurts: *Again?*. With lead in her shoes she walked to Carotte and put a hand on her shoulder: ‘’Carotte are you ok? Sorry it was my mistake that Bendy was killed’’. Dradon: ‘’No... don’t say that. We all are responsible. Such things are… inevitable’’.Alexus avoided eye contact: ‘’Carotte take this potion, it will stop the bleeding and pain. However, we need to get you to a healer ASAP. Dradon can we leave this place?’’.Dradon snapped his fingers: ‘’Well, it seems like teleportation magic is sealed in this dungeon, so if we get outside we should be fine’’. Alexus: ‘’Great, lets carry Bendry together. Carotte you can lean on my shoulder if you want’’. Carotte: ‘’Hehe... thanks I think I’ll be fine for the time being, the potion really energizes. But let’s hope we don’t get into any leftover monster encounters’’. Alexus: ’’As longs as we can use your whisp we should be fine… let’s go’’. The heroes, now existing out of three group members, were travelling out of Azyin Origyni’s lair in to the cold night, carrying the fourth member with them. Outside Carotte released a big sigh: ‘’That place was so dark and depressing’’. Dradon: ‘’Yeah good thing you have light magic, otherwise navigation would be tough’’. Dradon casted his teleporting magic, which was synced to a huge ancient teleportation crystal in the capital city of Ohn. Dradon: ‘’Let’s go home guys... teleportja’’. A large circular portal surrounded them and in a blink of an eye the heroes were gone, leaving the desolated dungeon behind.

Act 2: The queen of odds.

The world of Septhun exists out of one large continent, which contains four major kingdoms. One of them is the kingdom of Ohn, located in the south, which is the largest in size with the highest population count, who rage war against the kingdom of Zeph. The emperor of Zeph, named Kashmghal, is portrayed as a tyrant by the surrounding kingdoms. The kingdom is located in the north west and is known for extensive invasion of territory with their mixture of humans and demi-humans alike, enslaving all that comes onto their path. A kingdom with an opposite reputation is Arc, a neutral area located in the east, which welcome all humans and demi-humans who want to avoid conflict.The fourth kingdom is called Enclave, an immensely powerful country of giants located in the north east, who has a trading bond with Ohn and Arc. Besides their influences, Septhun still has independent neutral villages spread over the world with some located on islands or other isolated areas. Unfortunately, most of them have a difficult time keeping their independency in the current conflicts.

When the group teleported back to the capital city of Ohn, a large fortified city shadowing the adjacent villages, they immediate got aid from the royal guard. Carotte was sent to the infirmary while a proper funeral for Bendry was arranged by Dradon. The next day after their mission report, they were invited by the king for a strategy meeting. Alexus was quite nervous, as she was not sure what to expect and wondered if she got scolded: ‘’Thank you for inviting us, your majesty the king’’. King Gerald: ‘’Stand down heroes, no need for formalities. Again I am delighted that you accomplished the mission with such a success, the specimen will take on a major role in the next mission’’. Alexus was a bit surprised as he didn’t mention Bendry’s death, however did not dare to ask further. However, Dradon did not hesitate: ‘’Excuse us for the failed attempt to save Bendry in the process’’. Gerald glanced at Dradon with his left eyebrow raised: ‘’To be clear the goal was to obtain the specimen, correct? Unexpected casualties are prone to happen on such dangerous missions, be aware that the upcoming battles will be more intense’’. Field marshal Hendrick: ‘’Correct, I would like to explain the upcoming mission. Please look at the map’’. Alexus noticed Dradon looked irritated: *Look around Dradon. The battlefield paintings says it all, we are just puppets*. The field marshal re-ordered some of the battalion pieces: ‘’Majesty are we complete?’’. Gerald pointed his finger to Alexus: ‘’Oh yes before we start. I would like to introduce three new heroes, Tina, Biggs and Art which will support you on your next mission’’. Hendrick knocked on the door: ‘’Guard! Tina, Biggs and Art are summoned, please let them enter immediately’’. The three new heroes stepped through the door opening. Tina and Biggs both had the sage profession. Magic users with healing, offensive and supporting ability’s which could significantly enhance the power of others. Alexus tried to make eye contact with both, but was denied by Biggs: *She seems very serious. He is or arrogant or very shy, hope he can at least communicate clearly… wait isn’t he fro-*. She noticed Art was staring at her: *Ok big guy, don’t creep me out over here*. He winked at her. Alexus didn’t flinch: ‘’A dual wielding sword master huh? Why wield two broad swords, doesn’t it make you slow?’’. Art: ‘’Lets find out together’’. Alexus rolled her eyes: *The guy looks older and acts like a child, great*. Gerald smiled: ‘’Look at that, the new heroes of prophecy are formed! Alexus, you are still in command’’. After Alexus glanced at the three warriors she nodded at him: *Refilling the heroic puppet parade against Zeph are we? how much propaganda can you sell old man?*.

Despite Alexus her uncomfortable feeling of the replacements, she shrugged it off and focused on the map. Field marshal Hendrick asked if they could proceed and after the sign from the king he started to explain the current situation. Hendrick: ‘’As I discussed with my subordinates this morning, we currently think that Kashmaghal is planning to cut us off from Arc and Enclave, based on our scout reports. His army is marching south east and will probably try to block off our trade routes, while simultaneously capturing the tower of Babel. Likely to make sure we cannot trade with both kingdoms while taking the library’’. Alexus: ‘’Why this decision? Doesn’t that provoke the other kingdoms as well? Babel tower is not active in at least five-hundred years. Besides, his army is getting thinned out if he does both’’. Hendrick: ‘’That is correct. However like I said, we think he aims for the library which could potentially be activated earlier than we expected.’’ Dradon: ‘’I don’t understand, how can the library be active?’’ Hendrick: ‘’Even though the library resides in the tower, it is out of sync with overseer chamber’’. Dradon: ‘’So basically you are saying if active, they still can get information on the legendary spell locations but can’t activate the tower itself?’’. Hendrick nodded and replaced the battalion pieces on the map: ‘’In addition his army is growing as we speak, so attacking him won’t be an easy task what’s so ever. Which leads to two options. First, we could sweep around Zeph’s army while they try to take the tower, pincering them from multiple sides and cutting the main army off from the keep. If the other kingdoms will assist us’’. King Gerald: ‘’I rather finish him off for good than dragging this war, besides convincing them to aid in a pre-emptive strike could be problematic on such short notice’’. Hendrick: ‘’Yes, well the other proposal is to attack Zeph’s citadel directly by sailing to the north west. Currently its army is immensely diluted and our navy can transport the main proportion of our men to overtake them’’. Alexus: ‘’Ok, but how are we going to deal with their earth dragon? Will we just storm in with a frontal attack? If we don’t succeed Kashmaghal will have the legendary spell locations and can march right through to our doorstep’’. King Gerald: ‘’Good points, however don’t forger we have twenty-five origyns ready to fight. Especially with the current progression of our infusion program, we are unstoppable. How many does that necromancer have? Three?’’. Hendrick: ‘’Indeed, Kashmaghal has three as far as we know. About your points Alexus, our origyns combined with the program will make us deal with that earth dragon. And the idea was indeed to bust into the citadel directly’’. Alexus: ‘’Sorry I never heard of this infusion program, how powerful is it?’’. Gerald nodded to Hendrick: ‘’Give the short summary’’. Hendrick glanced at all the heroes: ‘’Currently we created enchanting gem stones. Carotte will certainly be using one, it immensely boosts the summoned origyn. Together with channelling magic the summoner can get unreachable mana supply’’. Carotte looked surprised, getting goosebumps all over. Alexus: ‘’That sounds… immense… is it safe and controllable?’’. Hendrick: ‘’We did not use it in a real battle… yet. However, we did intensive testing.Especially the origyn Okya will be a useful tool. It can blast open fortified gates with one shot, however its mana consumption is devastating on the summoner’’. King Gerald: ‘’Good, lets park the small details. Before I choose the second option, I want the general advantages and disadvantages for both plans’’. Hendrick: ’’Attacking the center will cripple the emperor’s army while he won’t be able to use the library, the disadvantage is that this is a logical move so he will anticipate this. The direct confrontation on his keep is unpredictable and the other kingdoms could lay pressure on Babel tower instead. Unfortunately, this is an extremely risky move. Especially as his keep is greatly fortified and we can’t resupply re-enforcements, isolating a large proportion of our army’’. King Gerald looked at Alexus: ‘’Suggestions?’’. Alexus: ‘’Take away the source instead of mitigating the damage’’. Harold laughed: ‘’You sound like your father. I agree the direct attack on the citadel will be the path forward. I am confident we have the upper hand and I don’t want to find out what this necromancer has prepared for us at Babel tower, any final thoughts?’’. Everyone nodded in agreement except for Dradon: ‘’Excuse me, but I haven’t seen any form of the power executed by the enhancing stone. Let alone this so called Okya, is he already in its full power ‘ri Origyni form? And what role do we play in this mission? Which origyn will Carotte summon?’’. Tina the new team member responded: ‘’Biggs and I both have seen its power, yes he is in ‘ri Origyni form and a force to be reckoned with’’. Gerald glanced at his field marshal, assuming he figured out the role of the heroes already.Hendrick nodded: ‘’Great questions. Let’s continue to the second half of this meeting, your role in this direct attack. When the navy fleet is boarding south of the citadel, we will immediately go into action. We are certain Zeph’s scouts will have noticed us days before. Despite this, the main bulk of the army will spearhead towards the citadel and let Okya attack the gate together with another origyn summoning team. Your team will go through the gate together with the frontal army, you will need to push to the throne room to confront Kashmagal. Both sages will enhance Carotte, together with the enchanting gem that will synchronize with Azyin will be en-’’. Alexus interrupted: ‘’Azyin!? What he did to Bendry… this one is different and he isn’t even in full form yet!’’. Gerald: ‘’Exactly what he did to Bendry, he is perfectly suited in close quarter battle. Alexus, keep your emotions detached from a past event, you of all people should know it’s natural they are uncontrollable after release’’. Alexus: ‘’Yes. I won’t mention it again, please continue’’. Hendrick: ‘’Taking down the emperor will not be an easy feat. But when an origyn is enhanced, you heroes should be able to pull it off. Remember the emperor does not know about our trump card’’. Dradon nodded with a smile: ‘’Yes, I like this. I still don’t know how we are going to survive the infiltration on his keep, as I don’t think he will be alone in his throne room after he noticed we are at his gate’’. Hendrick: ‘’Correct, however we sent elite squads upfront to clear the way. As far as we can tell this mission is certainly do-able’’. King Gerald: ‘’This sounds like a realistic but extremely risky move. I agree with Dradon, I like this! Alexus can you pull off your end of the part?’’. Alexus glanced quickly at each team member and stopped at Carotte who nodded positively: ‘’Yes, we can and will succeed’’.Hendrick: ‘’Great, I will inform the commanders. Majesty please join us for a short meeting as we will need to enclose some details about the origyns used, number of troops and moment of departure, etcetera’’. Gerald let out a faint sigh and nodded.

The heroes had a small discussion in the castle’s hallway, right after both new and old members introduced themselves with their name, age and rank. Alexus stretched her shoulders: ‘’That was a quite demanding meeting, glad it’s over’’. Carotte let out a sigh: ‘’Yes, that it was indeed. A new heavy burden rest on our shoulders. Tina and Biggs, because the weather is nice and we still have some time, I would like to practice this channelling skill with you both before we departure’’. Both agreed. Alexus glanced at Art: ‘’Ok so shall we have our sparring session then?’’. Art grinned: ‘’That’s a good idea general, however I won’t hold back. But you can use Dradon to your aid, if you want’’. Alexus responded playfully: ‘’Well I think he would be more useful on your side’’. Both were chippering and laughing to increase their ego over the other at the cost of Dradon. After listening for two minutes, Dradon put his hand in his face and thought for a second that he was teaming up with idiots.

After a successful sparring session, Art heard a familiar voice. Soldier: ‘’Really!? The behemoth slayer is here as well!? What’s up my friend?’’. Art smiled: ‘’Ha! The beast! You know me, always in for action! How are you my man?’’. Soldier: ‘’Doing great as usual, serving under general Ike, great commander’’. Art: ‘’Nice so you joined the elite squad. Yeah I am serving under general Alexus, really beautiful woman with excellent sword fighting skills. She and I ju-’’. He interrupted: ‘’THE queen of odds!? Man, you are crazy. But that means you’re a big shot now huh, being a hero and all’’. Art looked at him but didn’t know how to respond: ‘’Yeah… hehe… a hero of prophecy sounds nice, but what do you mean with the queen of odds?. Her nickname?’’. Soldier: ‘’Yeah bud. People call her that because she’s a daddy’s girl, her father being Nash Vanadis and all. People say he pulled the strings for the higher ups to give his daughter all the perks with promotions.’’. Art: ‘’That’s not uncommon, so they gave her a nickname for being the daughter of a hero?’’. Soldier: ‘’People get jealous all the time man. But the main point is, it is weird she is still in the force. She is known for playing dice with the devil. The high-risk high-reward kinda gal, making daring decisions during the strategists play off tournaments’’. Art frowned: ‘’So? With no risk you can’t win, that doesn’t necessarily make her a bad commander’’. Soldier: ‘’Ok bad example, the thing is… in the force the chance of dying under her command is roughly fifty percent while she escapes it herself’’. Art: ‘’Who is saying this stuff? I never heard of this? And we are soldiers right, we should be happy to die for our country’’. Soldier: ‘’I hear a lot of rumours like this from fellow soldiers. Stories about her getting great recommendations during her training days about combat theory, however her whole team being wiped out after her first mission with only her coming back. It seems that at every subsequentially mission at least one team member died under her command because of her judgments. But the higher ups pretend they don’t see this. Probably because of her dad… and they claim that her mission was successful as she was accomplishing her main tasks’’. Art eyes widened: ‘’I can’t believe this, are you sure this is true? I mean she has one of the toughest jobs being the leader of the heroes of prophecy and she does get the job done. However, having such negative loaded nickname is a bi-’’. He interrupted: ‘’Don’t get me wrong bud, I don’t have any personal hate towards her. But honestly, I’d stick with Ike rather than the queen of odds. As I don’t want to play dice against death with such a disadvantage while she escapes it’’. Art: ‘’I’ll take my chances. I have sparred with her and lost, so I respect her and think she is a genuine woman with a beautiful smile’’. He laughed: ‘’Bud! You just fell in love! Maybe that’s why most of her comrades are all male! They would die for their beloved queen! But honestly, good luck bud. I really want to drink a beer with you after the next big mission’’. Both departed after some small talk. Art: ‘’Queen of odds huh, I’ll beat them together with her!’’.

Act 3: Attack on the citadel

The navy fleet were soon approaching Zeph’s beaches. However not yet visible as the sun shined barely above the misty horizon. The fleet was hundred-sixty strong with the commanding ships surrounded by the rest in a diamond formation. Multiple summoner teams, a variety of siege weapons and thousands of soldiers were ready to storm the capital city. The heroes were behind the frontal ships who acted as the first wave in the upcoming battle.

Alexus started the day full of energy: ‘’Good morning Carot, are you fully prepared? We should be on the coast soon, from there on we will need to go full throttle towards the citadel’’. Carotte: ‘’Good morning Alex, well… yes and no… I have all my equipment ready and I am quite in high spirits, however I do have this feeling we are being watched. I mean, he knows we are here’’. Art just walked on the deck and overheard the conversation: ’’Goodmornin ye all! A fine day eh lads? Let the necromancer walk the plank today eh?’’.Carotte gave a short giggle. Alexus: ‘’Very smooth Art. But please, quit the pirate act’’. Art: ‘’Alrighty mate! Don’t worry Carotte, I promise that I will take his head with both my swords’’. Alexus nodded with a smile: ‘’how about the other two?’’. Art shrugged its shoulders: ‘’I don’t know, but I don’t think so. At least in Dradon’s case he didn’t sleep well these past days’’. Tina joined the group in high spirits as well: ‘’Good mor-‘’. Suddenly a heavy pitched screech was heard from afar. Everybody on deck was confused, some of the men yelled and pointed towards the north. They heard the alarm signal. Alexus: ‘’Was that an animal?’’. After five seconds they felt an immense shockwave coming from a huge explosion, crippling multiple ships to pieces while they burned heavily. Subsequently a large body of water was rising towards their direction. Alexus quickly grabbed Carotte pulling her towards the nearest ropes: ‘’Everybody hang on!’’. Large bodies of water flooded the ships deck. Soon after, the group heard another battle cry. A small shock of surprise went through Alexus her spine when she observed the enormous entity in front of her.

The origyn was as big as five stories while being airborne above the water. It had a shape of a dragon with four wings and floated with a vertical posture with a dark brown colour pattern on its scales. Common folk would describe it as a demon, as it had red glowing eyes and monstrous fangs.

White visible energy started to flow towards its mouth. After it charged, a strong force pushed Alexus away. She saw a huge intensified spiralling beam directed at something in the horizon. A second after the blast connected, which sounded like a heavy explosion combined with uprising waves, a painful pitched screech was heard. Alexus: ‘’Isn’t that the earth dragon?’’. Carotte: ‘’Probably… and they used Okya to repel it, such power’’.

The earth dragon had fled and the navy prepared for the skirmish ahead. As the first wave would reach the coast in less than an hour, all team members were preparing their horses and equipment for departure. Carotte: ‘’Alexus, do you think the emperor will welcome us with his navy fleet as well?’’ Alexus: ‘’Good question, but we are prepared for such an attack, despite that we don’t have reliable intel on his army size’’.

However, no navy ship from Zeph was observed. After half an hour, the front line reached the coast. As time was essential, the first hundred ships swiftly unloaded their troops. This first wave reached the capital city by marching as a single massive unit through most of the flat lands. The enormous city was surrounded by towering stone walls and defended by multiple battalions of infantry, cavalry and archers. The city stood before a large mountain while above the keep a floating island could be observed, which contained a small castle. However, the frontal army did bring relatively small mobile battering rams and long ranged trebuchets to aid infiltrating the city.

Alexus heard the battle in the distance: ‘’We’re almost there! just over the hill!’’. When she reached the top, the battlefield was clearly as no cloud stood in between. Alexus: *What a slaughter fest... that humongous gate has been fully breached. Are they already at the keep?‘’. She was a bit nauseous as the smell of fresh blood was overwhelming. Alexus: ‘’Make haste!’’. Carotte and Dradon were a bit hesitant due to the immense screams which were heard from the burning city. Carotte: ‘’So many dead humans and demi-humans… I wonder how many origyns the king departed for this mission?’’. Tina: ‘’Including you, twenty’’. Art: ‘’Heh, he doesn’t know what hit him’’. The team rushed past the main gate, ignoring the infrequent close quarter fights near the main road. They went straight into the towns square which was already captured. Alexus: ‘’Soldier what’s the status report?’’. The soldier saluted Alexus: ‘’General, the Zeph army retreated earlier than expected which led to a swift siege battle, currently our frontal army is to the north near the castle’’. Alexus: ‘’Well done soldier, stay alive! Everyone let’s stay on the main road and don’t stop till we re-join the elite squad at the keep!’’.

The team re-joined the frontal army which were stuck at the multi-parted gated bridge, connecting to the ground castle. The battle consisted mainly fighting with long ranged weapons shooting over the moat.

Alexus saluted the field marshal: ‘’Greetings marshal Hendrick, how is the current situation unfolding?’’. Hendrick saluted back: ‘’Alexus! Great that you have finally arrived! Smooth thus far, we need to wait for the mana recharge of the Okya summoner to breach the final gate’’. Alexus: ‘’He over extended?’’. Hendrick: ‘’Yes, that thing already fired three shots today. We plan to summon Ruya to cross the water, that massive water lizard can transport twenty men at a fast pace’’. Alexus: ‘’Interesting, when will we border it?’’ Hendrick: ‘’Good question. I think you should depart after the first and second squads, so roughly sixty men, let them clear the path for you’’. She nodded: ‘’Sounds like a plan. I’ll go talk to Ike then’’. Alexus quickly informed her team to wait for her in a safe zone. Ike saluted very casually by waving his hand: ‘’Greetings queen of odds! Are you ready for the final battle?’’. Alexus: ‘’Ike, please, not now’’. Ike smiled: ‘’Sorry, I did not mean it in the negative way’’.Alexus rolled her eyes and after a quick status update she questioned: “I wonder if Kashmagal dwells in this keep or in that floating castle?’’. Ike: ‘’I am not sure myself, you would think necromancers reside underground. But my guess would be high in the sky at this point, as he has the option to flee with his damned dragon and keep his supernatural entity delusion’’. Alexus was bit troubled: *He has a point. But there is barley any resistance… he should have fled by now’’. Alexus: ‘’Honestly, do you think the emperor planned a trap? Attacking the capital or ambushing us with an enormous army? Or maybe dropping the island on the city? Or raising the de-’’. Ike laughed heavily out loud: ‘’You think too much! That’s sometimes your flaw Alexus! Where is that fearless risk taker we know?’’. In a more serious tone: ‘’We prepared for many events... time will tell if we overlooked the situation. And don’t forget, Zephs army is at Babel tower. Unless he has a mass infantry teleporting crystal, we won’t be dealing with that’’. Alexus: ‘’Ugh I hope you’re right, lets quickly go over the infiltration of the keep’’.

She informed her team right after the discussion. The assault proceeded as Okya was re-summoned to blast the gate open. Subsequently Ike’s squad was transported, beneath the flurry of arrow exchanges. His team immediately went into combat, swiftly taking care of their enemies and making room for their allies. The heroes also boarded the giant lizard and followed through.

While Ike was piercing his sword through a remaining enemy: ‘’Alexus! The first group advanced through the main hall and up the stairs which probably ends into the throne room’’. Alexus: ‘’ Thanks! Everyone, now it is our turn!’’. Ultimately, the team swiftly ended up in a large underlit great hall with a big door at the end. Carotte her hands were shaking and whispered in disbelieve: ‘’What… happened here?’’. Alexus gripped her sword tightly: *Calm yourself, let’s not end up like them*. Unlike the rest, Tina looked composed: ‘’I detect a strong presence in this room, which probably slaughtered all these men. I suggest waiting on the second team and leave this room immediately’’. Dradon: ‘’ I… totally agree let’s move out’’. Dradon turned around and noticed that the door they just went through, disappeared. Dradon gulped: ‘’Guys... we...’’. As the room was silent they noticed a gobbling sound. Art took out his giant swords: ‘’Something is at ten o’clock, keep your guard up everyone. General... suggestions?’’. Alexus grabbed her sword and walked in front of the team: ’’Ok, Carotte cast wishpja. Dradon use fire wall on both flanks, Tina and Biggs dual cast enhance protectja on us. Art protect the spellcasters’’. A bright light emitted from Carotte her whisp, lightening up most of the room. Art his eyes instantly focussed on the figure in front of him: ‘’Carful, that’s a ghoul. A nasty disease spreading undead specialized in close combat. Unfortunately its quite fast,but weak to fire’’. As the ghoul had a squatting position while feasting, it screeched in a high pitch after observing the bright light and ran to the darkest corner of the room. Alexus smiled in relief: ‘’Lets burn it to the ground. Dradon show me what you’ve got’’. Dradon started casting fire missile magic: ‘’Burning down Zeph’s filth is my second name, Firestrija!’’. However, he felt something warm and sticky around his body, quickly obstructing his limbs and covering his face: ‘’What in th-’’. Carotte turned around: ‘’W-where is Dradon!?’’. Alexus scanned the area:*What!? Ok… quickly check if the rest is here’*. Before Alexus could speak, Tina looked up: ‘’We have a large white salamander on the ceiling trying to engulf Dradon. Biggs and I will take care of it. Alexus free him when you see an opportunity’’. Art was still concentrating on the ghoul during all the commotion, which was silently looking back. Biggs enhanced Tina her ice magic which snap froze it for a moment. The salamander tried to engulf him before it couldn’t but Alexus sliced its tongue off.

Carotte stretched her staff: ‘’Art!’’. A tongue rushed passed her aimed at his limbs. Before he could react properly, his right arm got surrounded. He tried to free himself but something else bumped in to him, causing immense pain in his side. The ghoul tried to bite in his neck after a piercing attack with its claws. Carotte used an instant healing spell, draining a lot of mana: ’’Regenversja!’’. The spell allowed to restore Arts condition to roughly five seconds ago.

After rescuing Dradon, adrenaline rushed through Alexus veins and muscles: *Faster!*. With heightened senses she shield bashed the ghoul. However, the tongue pulled with immense power on Art’s right arm dragging him towards to its source. Alexus stabbed the ghoul through its head and made a sprint to intercept the salamander. She gained enhanced speed through Carotte’s spell. She short hopped in the air and slide towards the tongue, swiftly cutting through it. Unsuspectedly the ghoul was still alive and rushed towards Carotte. Alexus: ‘’Watch out!’’. With all her might she sprinted towards Carotte: *No, please not again!*. Carotte kept distance by swinging her staff. The ghoul was clawing and biting like a mad dog but its head got bashed in by Alexus.

Tina tried to finish the white salamander with a spell, but it fell from the ceiling like a cat. Subsequently it gave a strong tail whip, launching her across the room. Biggs was helping Dradonand couldn’t aid her. Alexus pushed her limits and confronted the beast. Carotte panicked: ‘’S-Shall we summon Azyin!?’’. Alexus: ‘’NO! save it for the emperor! we are almost there, hang on!’’. Suddenly the salamansters stopped and everyone heard a dominant voice: *I overheard your little quarrel humans, what is this origyn that you speak off?*. Alexus: ‘’K-Kashmagal? Yes… we are here to stop you once and for all!’’. The voice replied with a laughter: *Silly girl this does not answer my question. Uni, Multi, Toti leave the area and let these intruders come through to have a little face to face conversation*.

Alexus saw both salamanders leaving into the darkness. However she was cautious about the calling for three names, as she did not see a third enemy aside from the dead ghoul. A giant door opened at the other end of the room, resulting in light shining through. Carotte healed her colleagues for the upcoming confrontation. Even though everyone was still alive, drained of energy and mana, Alexus tried to encourage them: ‘’Let’s face Kashmagal and end this’’. They walked towards the light stepping into the throne room. The heavy doors closing behind them resulted in a strong echo. The heroes were confronted by the demonic necromancer who slaughtered many innocent civilians, terrorizing Septhun.