Visual Novel Arts


Working on:(18AUG19)

1. First E-Book Origyn Dicing with Demons (Two specialized teams are forced to destroy each others kingdoms using all means necessary)

- Book story is somewhat finished, however a lot of modifying to do.

- At the moment goal is Q1 2020 (heavy edit, drawings, beta read and grammar consultation)

2. YouTube Visual Audio-book Shadows on the Azure (Two siblings explore the realm of leviathans)

- Part 1-3 are uploaded

- Part 4 will come in October or November

3. Youtube Visual series RPG Battle 52 ((NON)-RPG heroes duke it out against each-other in a wicked tournament)

- First video expected to be in September.

4. Artbook reviews

- I have a decent collection which I will review during 2019

5. Strokes of Style series - Fan art and tutorials

- Here and there I will upload art videos for other people to enjoy

How do I create my content?

A friendly video editor program named Video Studios (Corel) is used to create all my Youtube content. However I do use an older version of it (Corel video studio pro). In addition I use a Surface pro 6 (Microsoft), which is an excellent tool to draw my illustrations and write on, especially on vacation. Side note I use Sketchable app on my surface pro to draw and word to write Furthermore I use Photoshop (Adobe) to add in some aftermath details. Moreover as a camera I use a simple HD video camera (Kicteck) on a tripod for my art book reviews and traditional art. Finally for the sound recording I use a simple plug and play USB microphone (Fifine Technology) which really serves me to make decent voice quality for low cost.

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