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Why drawing helps you overcome failure

Do you remember when you still had fun drawing, creating something you wanted to share with friends or family, but started to dislike it soon after as you recognize the many flaws in your work... leading to frustration and ultimately leaving you with a sense of failing at art? Well... artist always deal with this.... even the best of the best.. it's actually called progression. The thing is, one's skill level and one's perceiving level are seldom in synch, what do I mean with this?

Well lets say you draw a cute puppy, and it looks nice... it has four legs, two ears and eyes and a tail with a happy mouth, everyone can see it's a cute puppy, however the proportions are a bit weird and you start to wonder ''Hmm, I need to focus on the proportions for my next drawing''. In the next three puppy's you improved the proportions to a decent level while still keeping the main fundamentals of a dog, however you start to notice, the mouth is quite simple... the eyes are childish... it has zero shadow... Ok you start to improve all those aspects, now when you focus on that, you start to notice again, the proportions are off and the circle of internal conflict and troubleshooting starts again. In general sense you DO improve after each puppy you draw, especially if you focus on certain aspects, but when you get more experienced in drawing you start to notice similar issues which you worked on, which feels frustrating as you should have fixed it already.

This de-synch in own drawing competence and perceiving can be devastating to most drawing hobbyist as it feels as if you are going in a downwards spiral, however it helps you to cope with and even overcome failure which you can apply on other things as well. So I draw for a while now, always getting the impression... I still need to learn everything even though I improved so much... despite feeling like crap many times. Now I embrace this process and don't feel crap anymore, I know I am crap but I don't ''care'' I only know I can and will improve.

Drawing can be a difficult feat as you are immediately confronted with your skills while every stroke is recorded on paper, however it can be fun if you check your recordings over time and see the progress you made. Cloud I drew in left on 21FEB19 and 11MAY19 right, through developing my art style, drawing every day.

I use this same methodology for tennis. I started 1 year ago, first time tennis ever, I couldn't hit ball and if i hit it... it flew out the tennis court over the fence in the water. But I didn't care and kept having fun as it was the exact same experience as for drawing because with each hour I played i Improved, now I still suck at it, but get compliments on my improvement. I know all the stroke do participate in the club league and am planning to join a tournament, things i wouldn't even dream about 1 year ago, just because the rapid improvement by embracing failures with keeping the ''I know I improve even though it looks like crap'' in thought. This also led me to use youtube videos for tennis, besides joining this regular tennis training group - teaches all around the world are on the internet sharing tips, giving light to different techniques which can be really valuable for such a low amount of time spent. For example, I focused on my racket swinging technique because my teacher highlighted it on youtube I learned technique doesn't Mather if you don't hit the ball at the right time... honestly I learned so much from focusing on the timing, it drastically improved my tennis.

So want to improve in art? I do have some tips which could definitely help you direct or indirectly and more importantly, you can help others in the comments or receive tips from you peers as well.